What Makes Vietnamese food special?

We give you a unique inside view to the traditional style of Vietnamese cooking, renowned for its combination of 5 taste senses and use of the freshest local ingredients, making it the best and healthiest cuisine in the world ...Read more

About us

Nha Trang cooking class is proud to have been involved in the tourism and restaurant industries ever since tours evolved in Nha Trang. We are an experienced tour group that have recently introduced a range of different food based tours into our repertoire alongside our cooking classes.  Our aim is to give our customers a first class cooking experience, exposing the secrets of creating traditional Vietnamese cuisine, and to show you the culture and delicacies to be found around the city and surrounding countryside.  We have a wonderful guesthouse in a peaceful setting outside of the town centre, and also run a charity which is funded by a percentage of all the proceeds made from any of the services we provide. Our website is packed with information on the freshest, tastiest food produced in Vietnam, and many great recipes available to download in PDF format.