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Sweet and sour pork Written by Nha Trang Cooking Class 4161
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Sweet and sour pork



- 200 gram of lean pork
- Half medium size of onion
- Half medium size of capsicum
- 1 tomato
- 1 slice of pineapple
- 2 spoon of batter flour
- 1 spoon of tomato sauce
- 1 spoon of sugar
- 1 spoon of rice vinegar
- 1 spoon of sweet and sour chili sauce
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- ½ teaspoon of black pepper
- Spring onion and coriander
- ½ litter of vegetable cooking oil
- 1 clove of garlic


- Pork: cut 2 x 4 cm
- Onion: chop it up
- Capsicum: chop it up
- Tomato: chop it up
- Pineapple: 1 slice cut in 4 piece
- Spring onion and coriander: slice
- Garlic; chop
- Batter flour: put in a bowl and add some water, mix it up till runny and smoothly


Heat the wok, add the boil till you see the purple coming up, now you start to soak the pork in batter and gently deep frying in oil until it turn brown. Remember turn it over sometime to avoid from being burn. Take it out and strain away the oil by putting on a absorbable oil paper. Then lay it out on a serving plate.
Heat another wok, add garlic till it smell good and turn brown. It in tomato, onion, pineapple and stir fried for 2 minutes, add vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce, sweet and sour chili sauce, salt. Mix it up and try to taste.
Pour the amount over the crispy pork. Garnish with spring onion and coriander.
Serve with rice.

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