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Ba Ho waterfall & Monkey island tour

(Transferred, catered and local English-speaking Tour Guide)

Quick Facts
Tour grade: Easy ( private )
Tour Code: NTDT: 01
Tour duration: one day


Briefed itinerary
8.30 am: Pick you up from your hotel
9.15 am: Visit the Fish Dock and Fishing Village
10.15 am: Take the boat to Monkey Island
12.00 pm: Take the boat to return mainland
12.30 pm: Have lunch
1.45 pm: Go to the Waterfall
3.45 pm: Go back to Nha Trang
4.30 pm: Drop you off at your hotel and bid you farewell


Itinerary in details
Your driver and tour guide will pick you up from your hotel at 8.30 am to start the Monkey Island & Ba Ho Waterfall tour.

It takes us about 15 minutes to drive on one of the most beautiful road in Vietnam along the coast to the Fish Dock. You can experience the hustle and bustle of a fish market. Fish will be transfered from the fishing boat being back from many days in the ocean and sold to venders from the different markets and fishery companies. We then visit the Fishing Village nearby, you will learn the way how they do fishing and their way of life.


We then continue our tour to get to the boat station where we will take a short boating to the Monkey Island. Here you will see over 1,000 monkeys who raised by Russian in 1982 for vaccine research. Tourists can make friend with them in a carefull atitude when having food in your hand. If you wish you can watch the free animal shows - mokeys, dogs, bears...You wil have numerous oppertunities to take photos. This island of cocopalm attracts a lot of holiday makers because of its charm in a beautiful bay.


At 12.00 pm: We will rejoin the boat back to mainland where the bus awaits to take us for lunch. After lunch, we will carry on our tour to the BA HO waterfall; Here is a three pool streem. Tourists will certainly have thrilling moments watching the foaming cascade tumble down in a great tumult, sending its mysterious sound far into the sylvan wildeness, the water vapour and humid exhalation from the wet rocks will make you shiver in amused complacency. The scenery is bathed in a more serene quiet and one seems to be lost into a fairy land. To reach the first pool we climb a short distance over some rocks before swimming in the cool waters.


The brave can jump down into the deep pool below. You will also leave feelings relaxed and refreshed by the sound and glory of nature. Enjoy the scene of the countryside with green fields on which farmers are working with buffaloes and ploughs.


At 3.45 pm: We are going back to Nha Trang, drop you off at your hotel where we bid you farewell. End our Ba Ho waterfall & Monkey island tour.


Tour cost per person in US Dollars

 No. of tourists 2pax 3pax 4pax 5pax 6pax and more

Ba Ho waterfall & Monkey island tour includes:
Transport, guide, entrance tickets, drinking water, fruit, lunch, cold water.

Ba Ho waterfall & Monkey island tour tour excludes:
Beverage, beer and other expenses.
Tips and gratuities